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Welcome to the world of 'Lighter-than-Air'
The world of Rigid ® Airship Design

EEC archive Rigid-14

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EEC archive Rigid-12
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"A vision of the future"

Up until 1937 airships of this magnitude (and even larger ones, up to 241 meters) regularly operated scheduled flights across the Atlantic.

RAD is a new Dutch company which plans to revolutionise air transport by designing, constructing and assembling the world's first rigid airship since the war. Standing on the shoulders of the great airship builders of the past, RAD returns to known and proven technology, eliminates the hazards associated with these earlier flights and creates opportunities with value chains unknown in the world of aviation. If your business is scheduled passengers, freight, logistics or simply leisure we want to hear from you to exploit these opportunities together.

Imagine an aircraft 180 metres long. When you have mentally put together 2 football pitches and put the idea aside as fantastic, now consider that it is capable of an endurance of weeks, has global range and is in every sense environmentally friendly. This may sound incredible, but it has all been done before.

EEC archive: Graf Zeppelin over the Alps
click on picture to enlarge
"From an Echo of the past"

EEC archive: Andrew & Scott
click on picture to enlarge
"Déja vu"
Creative "Image" by Scott Bronfman

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